Nokia intrigue gives u what any other flip-open phones will give u, with the characteristic user friendly navigation and applications that u expect from nokia. the only thing that the nokia - verizon's eco friendly initiative is that it is an eco-friendly initiative and they make it pretty much clear with the "habitat mode" that gives u environment related backgrounds and themes for the phone. Of course the sleek design also works on its advantage.There has been a talk about how the audio reception is all muffled and echo-ish, which going by what we have heard is a pretty strong disadvantage.Intrigue gives a 240 min of usage time and an additional 24 hrs (264 hrs) stand by time.The phone is tagged up for $129tags:- nokia phones, nokia, nokia intrigue, nokia intrigue reviews, newest nokia phones, eco-friendly phones, eco-friendly nokia phones, newest nokia phones, best nokia phones, latest nokia phones, nokia new phone series, nokia mobile phones, newest nokia mobile phones

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