NOKIA 3606

Nokia has yet another winner with the nokia 3606. the phone stands out with its nice design and slim and just-rite size that makes it comfortable in your hand. its also has a clear decent display with a not-bad battery life. Apart from this it also hasa additional features like bluetooth, FM radio, mp3 player, a 1.3 mp camera and an external memory card slot.with all the nice design and size it was inevitable for a drwback- weak structure. it has been reported a very fragile phone. so wen u go fight bad guys, remember to put back ur cell, or u will end having a lot of tiny nuts and bolts in ur hand nxt time u make ur call.Main features of nokia3606 are:-•Somewhat attractive•Simple and light•Low costBut it comes with some backstrokes also:-•No 3G support•Low end features•Poor battery lifeTags:- nokia3606,nokia 3606 features, nokia 3606 price,lowest nokia phone with a camera

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