Microsoft Zune HD

The new Zune HD player by Microsoft puts premium entertainment at your fingertips. Enjoy, connect, and discover content in a whole new way – the way you like it. Browse, stream, buy, and play all you want, including music, HD video, podcasts, games, and much more.
Powered by the revolutionary NVIDIA Tegra ultra low-power HD mobile processor, the Zune HD delivers on-the-go access to:

HD Video
Watch supported 720p HD movies, TV shows, and videos in high definition on your HDTV through the Zune HD. Or take them with you for premium entertainment on the go. Web Browser
Stay connected with on-the-go access to a Web browser. Surf your favorite Web sites or update your Facebook status over Wi-Fi connection anytime, anywhere.

Music and Photos
View your photos in stunning, vivid quality and listen to your favorite songs for hours—even days.


The Zune HD 16GB will sell for $219 ($299 for iPod Touch 16GB) and the Zune HD 32GB model will go for $289 ($399 for iPod Touch 32GB). Both of the new devices will hit store shelves September 15th, 2009.
Another awesome feature of the Zune HD is the OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) display which offers very vivid images and video playback at a very low cost to the battery power.
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One charge. Days of entertainment. Get unbeatable battery life with the Zune HD.
The Zune HD music player features a touch screen, web browser, the capability to produce HD video output, and an HD radio for those music lovers who don't have a lot of MP3's and the cash to buy them (or rather the means to get them).
The Zune HD also has the capability to send 720P video to an HDTV using a separately sold docking station. You could literally have all of your media on one device, with the Zune HD and it goes with you anywhere you do.
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