XTRIUM 2.0:Tech Fest EC Dept.,MACE

XTRIUM 2.0:Innovation Beyond Expectation
September 10 & 11 of 2009
Dept. Of Electronics And Communication

Mar Athanasius College of Engineering pioneered engineering edu¬cation in central Kerala in 1961. Managed by Mar Athanasius College Association, Aided by the Government of Kerala, the college was first in Asia under Christian Management. It was also the first engineering college to be affiliated to the Mahatma Gandhi University. MACE, as it is popularly known, has grown by leaps and bounds since. It now has six full fledged departments apart from the two auxiliary departments of Mathematics and Humanities & Science.
The association of elec¬tronics & communication engineering is organising the XTRIUM event.

Life is all about challenges, it is how you tackle these challenges that makes you the winner. The countdown has begun for the most sensational technical event of the year 'XTRIUM 2.0', where TALENT meet INTELLIGENCE. Its time to put the best brains to the ultimate test. XTRIUM 2.0 will provide a platform for the young engineers to showcase their skills.


8 Mile:Roboquest
Drive your robots through rough paths and obstacles to complete the final task.

Path Finder:Line Tracer
Enhance your autonomous robots to sense and trace the twisted tracks.

Missing Link:Contraption
Set in motion a whole series of co-ordinated events so that every imaginative step brings you closer to the coveted prize.

Hetrodean:CRO Simulation
You could easily imagine a flipping coin on the CRO screen. Well, realise your imagination with mind-blowing circuits.

Circuitrix 12 Amps:Circuit Debugging
Resurrect the functional circuit from a twisted snake pit of electronic components in a bugged circuit.

Given an IC, it Datasheet and miscellaneous components, decipher them and obtain the requisite output.

Caza Tecnizia:Tech Hunt
Untwine the knots of coded puzzles and twisted clues. Solve the mysteries in a technical world to unlock the final treasure.

Fox Hunt
The FM transmitter foxes are hidden. Bring out the receiver fox-hounds and track 'em down!

Take part in the ultimate brain-storming sessions as questions and answers are fired back and forth in school and college levels.


The black discs and equalisers are all virtual when you mix and edit soundtracks in the Virtual DJ software.

Be there with the adrenaline pumping in your body as you thrust on the accelerator of your fastest NFS MW car and while you dribble the ball around the defenders in FIFA07.

Smart Room
BoldUnlikely surprises and unexpected experiences await you within an electronic world.

Papyrus Muestra:Paper Presentation

Shake the foundation of established theories by presneting your innovative ideas.


Interact with the enlightened minds from different wavelengths of the academic spectra.

Some of the most fascinating exhibits showcasing the latest and richest advancements in technology.

Co-ordinators :Aswin sagar +919495242940
:Gis George +919995815526
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Tata Indicruz:Launchs Soon

Estimated price: Rs 8-10 lakh
India's third largest auto manufacturer, Tata Motors plans to launch its new MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicle), Tata Indicruz in Indian market. Tata Indicruz is a premium MPV that is based on Tata Motors' most popular SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle), Tata Safari platform. Tata Indicruz is a 7-seater vehicle and most probably it will be equipped with latest 2.2L Dicor engine, navigation system and active safety features like ABS and airbags. Lookwise Tata Indicruz is a stylish car with elegant interiors and dashing exteriors along with other things like large grille, 17" alloy wheels and mirror mounted indicators. The car will have a its India launch around in month of august or september 2009.

The Tata Indicruz features the 32-bit 2.2-litre 16 valve DICOR engine which even powers the Tata Safari DICOR, Sumo Grande and the Xenon XT. The engine has two variants, one which produces 140bhp and the other which produces 120bhp. The Sumo Grande has the 120bhp engine whereas the rest has 140bhp engine. We believe the Indicruz will be powered by 140bhp.

The Tata Indicruz should be a trendy MUV, which will have most of the features of a MUV and should be spacious like most of the Tata vehicles. The front grille and the head light combination is somewhat similar to the Indica Vista with the headlight tapering upwards at the end.

The Indicruz will be built to seat 7 and Tata could add ABS and airbags to increase the safety features.

Specs (Speculated)
Engine Displacement: 2200cc
Power: 140bhp
Length: 3329 mm
Width: 1710 mm
Ground Clearance: 150mm
Gears: 5 Manual
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Chevrolet Cruze:Launch in 2009

Expected in Mid 2009
Estimated price: Rs 13 - 18 lakh

Chevrolet is launching its midsize sedan, the Cruze, across the globe in 2009 replacing the Chevrolet Optra and Daewoo Lacetti, but the Cruze will slot in above the Optra in GM India’s lineup. According to GM, the Cruze "was developed by a global design and engineering team and will be built in multiple locations around the world".

Though the Chevrolet Cruze should be a mostly conventional front-drive small car, we think it may have one or more features designed to maximize mpg. Aside from its smaller new engine and other weight-reducing measures versus Cobalt, the Cruze could conceivably adopt the new low-power lighting, wipers, and audio system being devised for the chevrolet in hybrid compact sedan. This would help GM defray development costs that much sooner, and would also be in line with the Cruze's likely upscale market positioning versus Cobalt. Understand that we can't guarantee any of this right now--but hey, it could happen.
The Chevrolet Cruze is noticeably tight-skinned and a very restrained use of exterior trim adds on to its high-quality appearance. The Cruze has a steeply raked windshield gives this compact sedan a look like a coupe’s.

Specs (Speculated)

Engine location: Front
Positioning: Transverse
Drive: Front wheel drive
Engine:1.6l, 1.8l (petrol); 2.0l (diesel)
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Mahindra-Renault Sandero Launches On India at Late 2009

Mahindra-Renault Sandero
Expected in Late 2009
Estimated price: Rs 5 lakh
The Sandero is Renault’s next project for India after it launched the Logan, which is commonly sold in Europe as Dacia Logan. The Renault hatchback will feature petrol and diesel variants. The Sandero will compete with the current premium hatchbacks in the country.


The Sandero will be available in India with a 1.5-litre dCI diesel engine, somewhat similar to the one available in the Logan. In case of petrol, the car should be powered by the 1.6-litre and 1.4 litre engines.


The Renault Sandero is built with the qualities of the Renault Clio and Logan. The feature will feature most of the features of a premium hatchback. Thisshould include safety features like airbags and other important features which are included in most of the premium hatchbacks.


The Renault Sandero will compete with the Maruti Suzuki Swift, Hyundai i20, Skoda Fabia, Fiat Grande Punto and the upcoming Volkswagen Polo. Now the question is how much the French company is capable of attracting large numbers.
Specs (Speculated)
Engine: 1.5-litre (Diesel); 1.6-litre (Petrol)
Length: 3474mm
Turning Circle: 5.25 mtrs.
Boot Space: 320.00 ltrs.
Front Suspension: MacPherson strut with wishbone arm
Rear Suspension: H-type torsion beam with programmed deflection and coil springs
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Nissan Murano Launch In Early 2010 In India

Nissan Murano
Expected in Early 2010
Estimated price: Rs 35-40 lakhs

The name ‘Murano’ originates from the region of Venice, Italy which is known for hand blown glass production. The Nissan Murano was nominated for the North American Truck of the Year award for 2003 and even named the best premium mid-size SUV by AutoPacific.

The Nissan Murano, when launched in India, will be one of the most unique crossover designs ever sold in India. The Nissan Murano has a powerful 3.5litre V6 engine that produces a potent 245bhp. The car is a front wheel drive (FWD) vehicle and is available with all wheel drive as an option. The Nissan Murano is the largest vehicle to have a CVT (Continuously variable transmission).
This sporty, space age looking Nissan has the pizzazz and the oomph. Lets hope that the Murano can give Nissan in India the shot in the arm it really needs.

Specs (Speculated)

Engine: 3.5l, 245hp V6
Transmission: CVT
Length: 4770mm
Width: 1880mm
Height: 1709mm
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samsung TL225 and TL220

Ever had the experience when you try to takse a self-snap with wicked grin and an equally wickedly cool ray-ban (local counterparts wud also suffice) glass and end up taking only 1/4 of ur face?

well, take heart. apparently some samsung engineers had similar experience.... Samsung announced two cameras, the TL225 and TL220 with second, front LCDs that let you preview your shots while still facing the lens. Moreover it also allows those who are posing for the shoot to see how they are gonna be shot. It displays the countdown timer so that u would no longer have to worry abt not having ur best smile during the snap. This has also modernised the traditional "say cheese" version of making everyone smile with funny animations that children laugh.

The TL225 has a 3.5 inch touch screen while TL220 sports a slighltly smaller 3 inch version. TL225 has also HDMI (high definition multimedia interface) out.

Apart from this both are similar in ways like both shoot 720p HD video, 12 megapixels and a zoom capability of 4.6x.

price details: TL225 -- $350

TL220 -- $200

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Volkswagen Touareg Coming in Mid 2009

Volkswagen Touareg
Expected in Mid 2009
Estimated price: Rs 52 lakh
After the Passat and the Jetta, Volkswagen will now officially introduce the Touareg, its first SUV for the Indian car market. The Touareg is currently available as CBU under special imports and as such cannot be registered as a company car, and the delivery period is 3-3.5 months. The Touareg shares its platform with the Porsche’s Cayenne, which is currently being sold in the Indian market.

The Volkswagen Touareg could possess a 3.0 litre V6 TDI DPF heart. The DPF stands for Diesel Particulate Filter which like the catalytic converter converts the harmful gases and an additional feature of filtering the particulates. This powerplant can produce a torque of 500Nm at 1,750rpm and the 225 horses can do the 0-100kph run in less than 10 seconds.

Being a high-end sports utility vehicle, the car has active and passive safety features like ABS, six airbags, brake pad wear indicators and crash optimized pedals. The Touareg got a 5 star rating in terms for its safety features by the IIHS (Insurance Institure for Highway Safety) which country? India?. The Touareg also sports features like leather seats, parking assistance, mobile connection as in a bluetooth one or one in which you insert the SIM into the car itself?, automatic climate control cooling, electronically adjustable seats, etc.

The Volkswagen Touareg will compete with the Audi Q7, Volvo XC90, BMW X5 and the Porsche Cayenne.

Specs (Speculated)
Engine: 3.0 litre V6 TDI DPF
Power: 225bhp
Torque: 500Nm
Length (mm): 4754
Width (mm): 1928
Height (mm): 1726
Wheelbase (mm): 2855
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Apple iPod shuffle

The world’s smallest music player also happens to be the world’s first talking one. Two things that make the iPod shuffle one amazing device.


Introducing VoiceOver.
Musically speaking, the new iPod shuffle is brilliantusing an exciting new feature called VoiceOver. if u r listening to a song and want to know the title or the artist. With the press of a button, VoiceOver tells you as the music dips down. It even announces the names of your playlists. And when your battery needs charging, VoiceOver tells you that, too

Easy-access controls.
The controls of the new iPod shuffle are located on the right earbud cord. With command central now strategically placed in this more convenient location, you can navigate your music — and activate the VoiceOver feature — without taking your eyes off your run, your ride, or whatever you’re doing.

Shuffle. Straight. Stop.
The shuffle switch has three positions. Flip it to the left, and your music shuffles for a “whatever happens, happens” flow. Flip it to the middle, and your songs play in order. Or flip to the right to turn it off.

Your music library. To go.
There was a time when limited storage meant you had to leave a lot of your songs on the sync-room floor. But now that iPod shuffle has 4GB of storage, you have plenty of room to store hours and hours of music — up to 1,000 songs.* With room for multiple playlists, too.

Battery and power.
Built-in rechargeable lithium polymer battery
Playback time: Up to 10 hours when fully charged
Charging via USB to computer system or power adaptter.
80% charged in 2 hours; fully charged in 3 hours
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Apple iPhone 3GS

Apple’s continuing environmental progress. Apple iPhone 3GS is designed with the following features to reduce environmental impact:PVC-free handset ,PVC-free headphones ,PVC-free USB cable ,Bromine-free printed circuit boards ,Mercury-free LCD display .Features and SpecificationCamera, photos, and video3 megapixelsAutofocusTap to focusVideo recording, VGA up to 30 fps with audioPhoto and video geotaggingiPhone and third-party application integrationDisplay3.5-inch (diagonal) widescreen Multi-Touch display480-by-320-pixel resolution at 163 ppiFingerprint-resistant oleophobic coatingSupport for display of multiple languages and characters simultaneouslyAudio playbackFrequency response: 20Hz to 20,000HzAudio formats supported: AAC, Protected AAC, MP3, MP3 VBR, Audible (formats 2, 3, and 4), Apple Lossless, AIFF, and WAVCellular and wirelessUMTS/HSDPA (850, 1900, 2100 MHz)GSM/EDGE (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz)Wi-Fi (802.11b/g)Bluetooth 2.1 + EDRCapacityApple iPhone 3GSApple iPhone 3GS embodies Apple’s continuing environmental progress. Apple iPhone 3GS is designed with the following features to reduce environmental impact:PVC-free handset ,PVC-free headphones ,PVC-free USB cable ,Bromine-free printed circuit boards ,Mercury-free LCD display .Features and SpecificationCamera, photos, and video3 megapixelsAutofocusTap to focusVideo recording, VGA up to 30 fps with audioPhoto and video geotaggingiPhone and third-party application integrationDisplay3.5-inch (diagonal) widescreen Multi-Touch display480-by-320-pixel resolution at 163 ppiFingerprint-resistant oleophobic coatingSupport for display of multiple languages and characters simultaneouslyAudio playbackFrequency response: 20Hz to 20,000HzAudio formats supported: AAC, Protected AAC, MP3, MP3 VBR, Audible (formats 2, 3, and 4), Apple Lossless, AIFF, and WAVCellular and wirelessUMTS/HSDPA (850, 1900, 2100 MHz)GSM/EDGE (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz)Wi-Fi (802.11b/g)Bluetooth 2.1 + EDRCapacity16GB or 32GB flash drivePower and battery3Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion batteryCharging via USB to computer system or power adapterTalk time:Up to 12 hours on 2GUp to 5 hours on 3GStandby time: Up to 300 hoursInternet use:Up to 5 hours on 3GUp to 9 hours on Wi-FiVideo playback: Up to 10 hoursAudio playback: Up to 30 hoursTags:-Apple,3GS,iphone,Apple iPhone 3GS,Apple iPhone 3GS pics,Apple iPhone 3GS specification,Apple iPhone 3GS features,Apple iPhone 3GS photos,Apple iPhone 3GS support,Apple iPhone 3GS technical specification,Apple iPhone 3GS gallery.16GB or 32GB flash drivePower and battery3Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion batteryCharging via USB to computer system or power adapterTalk time:Up to 12 hours on 2GUp to 5 hours on 3GStandby time: Up to 300 hoursInternet use:Up to 5 hours on 3GUp to 9 hours on Wi-FiVideo playback: Up to 10 hoursAudio playback: Up to 30 hoursTags:-Apple,3GS,iphone,Apple iPhone 3GS,Apple iPhone 3GS pics,Apple iPhone 3GS specification,Apple iPhone 3GS features,Apple iPhone 3GS photos,Apple iPhone 3GS support,Apple iPhone 3GS technical specification,Apple iPhone 3GS gallery.

Qbit 09 V2.0

Qbit 09 V2.0,September 18,19
Department Of Computer Science And Engineering


About Us

MAR ATHANASIUS COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING,KOTHAMANGALAM (MACE) is one of the oldest seats of technical education in kerala.MACE has secured itself the position of being one among the top 5 engineering colleges in kerala.Aided by the Govt. of kerala it is also the first Engineering college affiliated to M.G University. The Computer Science And Engineering department was founded in 1990 and since then it has been show casing high degree of standards in both academic and co-curricular activities.the result-it is one of the most sought after colleges has bringing out many university rank holders.

QBIT is a technical festival(event) conducted by CSE dept.,every year to be a platform for students to showcase and enrich their technical skills.

  • C Debugging
Pop out bugs in given C Code
  • Paper Presentation
Arena for Expressing your innovation
  • Technical Quiz
Quiz on cutting edge technologies
  • 8085 Coding
Programming intel 8085 microprocessor kit
  • Line Tracer (Robotics)
Competition of line tracing robots
  • Gaming
Battle ground for cybernetic soldiers
  • Web Designing
Design website on theme provided
  • Personality Contest
Personality contest for the smartest
  • Treasure Hunt
Find a treasure overcoming technical hurdles
  • Morphing
Poster creation in photoshop

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Microsoft Zune HD

The new Zune HD player by Microsoft puts premium entertainment at your fingertips. Enjoy, connect, and discover content in a whole new way – the way you like it. Browse, stream, buy, and play all you want, including music, HD video, podcasts, games, and much more.
Powered by the revolutionary NVIDIA Tegra ultra low-power HD mobile processor, the Zune HD delivers on-the-go access to:

HD Video
Watch supported 720p HD movies, TV shows, and videos in high definition on your HDTV through the Zune HD. Or take them with you for premium entertainment on the go. Web Browser
Stay connected with on-the-go access to a Web browser. Surf your favorite Web sites or update your Facebook status over Wi-Fi connection anytime, anywhere.

Music and Photos
View your photos in stunning, vivid quality and listen to your favorite songs for hours—even days.


The Zune HD 16GB will sell for $219 ($299 for iPod Touch 16GB) and the Zune HD 32GB model will go for $289 ($399 for iPod Touch 32GB). Both of the new devices will hit store shelves September 15th, 2009.
Another awesome feature of the Zune HD is the OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) display which offers very vivid images and video playback at a very low cost to the battery power.
Tags:-Zune HD player,Microsoft Zune HD,Microsoft Zune HD pics,Microsoft Zune HD feaatures,Microsoft Zune HD price,Zune HD,Microsoft,NVIDIA Tegra ultra low-power HD mobile processor,Zune HD. Exceptional Battery Life
One charge. Days of entertainment. Get unbeatable battery life with the Zune HD.
The Zune HD music player features a touch screen, web browser, the capability to produce HD video output, and an HD radio for those music lovers who don't have a lot of MP3's and the cash to buy them (or rather the means to get them).
The Zune HD also has the capability to send 720P video to an HDTV using a separately sold docking station. You could literally have all of your media on one device, with the Zune HD and it goes with you anywhere you do.
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Nokia intrigue gives u what any other flip-open phones will give u, with the characteristic user friendly navigation and applications that u expect from nokia. the only thing that the nokia - verizon's eco friendly initiative is that it is an eco-friendly initiative and they make it pretty much clear with the "habitat mode" that gives u environment related backgrounds and themes for the phone. Of course the sleek design also works on its advantage.There has been a talk about how the audio reception is all muffled and echo-ish, which going by what we have heard is a pretty strong disadvantage.Intrigue gives a 240 min of usage time and an additional 24 hrs (264 hrs) stand by time.The phone is tagged up for $129tags:- nokia phones, nokia, nokia intrigue, nokia intrigue reviews, newest nokia phones, eco-friendly phones, eco-friendly nokia phones, newest nokia phones, best nokia phones, latest nokia phones, nokia new phone series, nokia mobile phones, newest nokia mobile phones

Maxtor OneTouch 4 Plus 1 TB

Maxtor has a line of full-featured external hard drives, the OneTouch 4 Plus series, that offer a massive amount of external storage space and a suite of utilities to simplify the backup and recovery of your files.Maxtor offers models with capacities from 250GB all the way up to 1TB, and they have sent over the latest and largest unit for us to review, the Maxtor OneTouch 4 Plus 1TB External Hard Drive.

Features & Benefits:

» Automated OneTouch™ Backup
» Dual Interface
» 1TB Capacity
» 7200 RPM, 16 MB cache buffer
» Maxtor SafetyDrill™
» Sync your files
» Easy to Use Interface
» Maxtor DrivePass™ and encryption
» Simple setup


» Capacity: 1TB
» RPM: 7200
» Cache Buffer: 16MB
» Interface:
» Firewire 400, IEEE 1394a, iLink and SBP-2 compliant
»USB 2.0 and 1.1 compliant
» Sustained Transfer Rate:
» Firewire 400 43MB/sec
» USB 2.0 33MB/sec
» Bus Transfer Rate:
» Firewire 400 400Mb/sec
» USB 2.0 480Mb/sec
» Dimensions:
» 2.5 x 6.0 x 6.75 in
» 63.5 x 152.4 x 171.45 mm
» Weight:
» 2.5 lbs
» 1.11 Kgrams
» AC Voltage: 100-240 VAC
» Input Frequency: 47-63 Hz AC
» Compatibility: Mac and PC
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Creative Gigaworks S750 7.1 Speaker System

The Gigaworks S750 is "the" speaker system today. Being the most powerful 7.1 speaker system that one can lay their hands on, this THX certified beast boasts of 700 Watts RMS of total system power. Yes, it does seem more like a proper full-fledged home theatre system, and don't be surprised if it makes your existing home theatre sound like a wimp. So let's get on with it and experience the Gigaworks S750.

Out of the box
The Gigaworks arrived in a huge heavy box, which looked more like a television or a monitor package rather than a speaker system box. The box houses seven satellites, a huge subwoofer, all the connecting wires, a control pod, a wireless remote, manuals, and the speaker stands. The build quality of the speaker sets is very good; the satellites have a sturdy construction with high quality materials used.

With a massive 700 Watts RMS total system power at its disposal, the individual power rating for each of the satellites is almost as good as that of a complete decent 5.1 system. Each of the seven satellites boast of 70 Watts RMS, while the subwoofer is rated at 210 Watts RMS. Each satellite is rated at 8 ohms at 0.1% THD at 1 KHz and the subwoofer is rated at 8 ohms at 0.2% THD at 70 Hz. The S750 has a frequency response of 25 Hz to 40 KHz and an impressive signal-to-noise-ratio of 99 dB.

Design and components
The satellites are built upon the two-way speaker architecture, with dedicated drivers for the mids and the highs. Each tuned two-way satellite speaker features a 1" Titanium super-tweeter and a high-precision 3.5" midrange driver for clear, detailed response up to 40 KHz. As far the subwoofer goes, the huge dual-flared ported wooden subwoofer features an 8" down-firing long-throw woofer. The wires are not fixed and there are clip-on connections behind the satellites, giving an option to extend the wire length or changing the default set of wires with some high quality ones. All the cables for connecting the speakers to the sound card are color coded. The back of the subwoofer houses all the connections and the power options with the on/off switch. A huge heatsink behind the subwoofer keeps the PSU and the amplifier cool, but it does play a big part in adding the extra weight, making the subwoofer the heaviest of the lot.

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NOKIA 3606

Nokia has yet another winner with the nokia 3606. the phone stands out with its nice design and slim and just-rite size that makes it comfortable in your hand. its also has a clear decent display with a not-bad battery life. Apart from this it also hasa additional features like bluetooth, FM radio, mp3 player, a 1.3 mp camera and an external memory card slot.with all the nice design and size it was inevitable for a drwback- weak structure. it has been reported a very fragile phone. so wen u go fight bad guys, remember to put back ur cell, or u will end having a lot of tiny nuts and bolts in ur hand nxt time u make ur call.Main features of nokia3606 are:-•Somewhat attractive•Simple and light•Low costBut it comes with some backstrokes also:-•No 3G support•Low end features•Poor battery lifeTags:- nokia3606,nokia 3606 features, nokia 3606 price,lowest nokia phone with a camera

Canon PowerShot A95

The PowerShot "A" series from Canon has been a hit worldwide and as far as India is concerned, the entry-level and mainstream models are all well placed to attract lot of attention. The PowerShot "A" series delivers a nice mix of user-friendly features and advanced controls, thus catering to a wide audience.

The PowerShot A95 is a 5MP digital camera loaded with tons of features and powerful optics to deliver sharp and lively images at high resolutions. The A95 is one of the latest additions to the PowerShot "A" series and is placed right at the top of the series. Being the premium most model in the series, the A95 is packed with maximum features and a slightly enhanced body justifying the 5MP category.

First Impressions, Features and Specifications
Equipped with a 5MP CCD sensor the Canon PwerShot A95 delivers images at a maximum resolution of 2,592 x 1,944 pixels. The 3x Canon zoom lens is bolstered with a 9-point AiAF autofocus system. Apart from the optical zoom, there is an added 4x digital zoom, pushing the net zoom capacity to 12x. The camera comes with a 32 MB CF card and four AA batteries. Sporting a swivel 1.8" LCD, the A95 measures 101.1 x 64.6 x 34.7 mm (4" x 2.5" x 1.4") and weighs 235 g without the batteries. Supporting the direct print feature, one can connect the camera to a printer that supports direct printing.

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Samsung Pro and Omnia HD launched

Mobile giant Samsung has just delivered two tempting candies for the Indian junta on Independence day. The Omnia HD and the Omnia Pro.The Omnia Hd comes packed with an fantastic 720 HD video recording and it features the world’s largest AMOLED screen, measuring a whopping 9.4 cm. It will set you back a little Rs 33,990 and also has a 1GHz Processor and full user interface.It’s younger brother the Omnia Pro B7320 is a lot cheaper at Rs 16,500 and it currently poses a threat to Blackberry’s 8520. The Omnia Pro has a QWERTY keyboard and runs on Windows Mobile 6.1 on a smaller 2.4 inch screen. It comes complete with a 3 megapixel camera and offers 3G support. Social net workers can have easy access to Facebook, or alternatively Yahoo, MSN and Gtalk can be downloaded easily and used on the Omnia Pro.Tags:-Samsung Pro and Omnia HD launched,Samsung Pro and Omnia HD,Omnia HD,Samsung Pro,Samsung,phone,Samsung Pro and Omnia HD pics,Samsung Pro and Omnia HD photos,Samsung Pro and Omnia HD reviews

Intel Core i7 Processor Extreme Edition

Conquer the world of extreme gaming with the fastest performing processor on the planet: the Intel Core i7 processor Extreme Edition.¹ With faster, intelligent multi-core technology that accelerates performance to match your workload, it delivers an incredible breakthrough in gaming performance.
But performance doesn't stop at gaming. You'll multitask 25 percent faster and unleash incredible digital media creation with up to 79 percent faster video encoding and up to 46 percent faster image rendering, plus incredible performance for photo retouching and editing.

Product information

* 3.20 GHz core speed
* 8 processing threads with Intel HT technology
* 8 MB of Intel Smart Cache
* 3 Channels of DDR3 1066 MHz memory

Features and benefits

* Intel Turbo Boost technology maximizes speed for demanding applications, dynamically accelerating performance to match your workload-more performance when you need it the most.
* Intel Hyper-Threading technology enables highly threaded applications to get more work done in parallel. With 8 threads available to the operating system, multi-tasking becomes even easier.
* Intel Smart Cache provides a higher-performance, more efficient cache subsystem. Optimized for industry leading multi-threaded games.
* Intel QuickPath Interconnect is designed for increased bandwidth and low latency. It can achieve data transfer speeds as high as 25.6 GB/sec with the Extreme Edition processor.
* Integrated memory controller enables three channels of DDR3 1066 MHz memory, resulting in up to 25.6 GB/sec memory bandwidth. This memory controller's lower latency and higher memory bandwidth delivers amazing performance for data-intensive applications.
* Intel HD Boost significantly improves a broad range of multimedia and compute-intensive applications. The 128-bit SSE instructions are issued at a throughput rate of one per clock cycle, allowing a new level of processing efficiency with SSE4 optimized applications.

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P5KPL-AM/PS with Intel G31 chipset inside supports Intel Quad-core CPU and features 1600(OC)/1333/1066/800MHz FSB, PCI Express x 16, Serial ATA interface, high performance integrated graphics engine, dual-channel DDR2 1066(O.C.)/800/667 memory, and 6 Channel HD Audio CODEC. Users can experience faster graphics performance. P5KPL-AM/PS is the most affordable all-in-one solution platform for Intel® Core™2 Processor with Intel G31 chipset inside.
P5KPL-AM/PS features,Support:

* Supports Intel 45 nm multi-core processors
* Intel® G31/ICH7
* FSB 1600(O.C.)/1333/1066/800 MHz
* DDR2 1066(O.C.)/800/667 MHz
* 5000hrs VRM Solid Capacitors
* Gb Lan
* 2 x COM Ports
* Anti Surge
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Six-Core AMD Opteron™ Processor

Six-Core AMD Opteron™ processor-based servers deliver performance efficiency to handle real world workloads—with superior value and energy efficiency at every price point. Unlike competitive products focused on raw performance, AMD technology-based servers deliver one platform to support the top-line demands of your business with a total cost advantage you can take right to the bottom-line.
Features & Benefits

* More versatility: Six-core performance in a quad-core footprint lets you run more and scale higher, while helping you save energy.
* More cores: The Six-Core AMD Opteron™ processor has six powerful processing units on each chip, delivering improved performance for environments such as virtualization, database, and web serving
* Workload optimization: Hardware innovations such as AMD Virtualization™(AMD-V™) technology tackle demanding workloads with superior speed and efficiency.
* Virtualization: Improved AMD-V delivers hardware-assisted virtualization for consolidation, hosted client computing environments, and disaster recovery/business continuity.
* Total cost advantage: Superior value at every price point helps your business achieve more with every server computing dollar.
* Save energy: With improved performance in the same electrical and thermal envelope as the previous generation, Six-Core AMD Opteron processors deliver exceptional energy efficiency with the AMD-P suite of power management features including AMD Smart Fetch technology, AMD Power Cap technology, and AMD CoolCore™ technology.

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Intel® Desktop Board DX58SO

The Intel® Desktop Board DX58SO is designed to unleash the power of the all new Intel® Core™ i7 processors with support for up to eight threads of raw CPU processing power, triple channel DDR3 memory and full support for ATI CrossfireX* and NVIDIA SLI* technology. Today’s PC games like Far Cry 2* need a computing platform that delivers maximum multi-threaded CPU support and eye-popping graphics support.
Expansion capabilities:
  • One PCI Conventional* bus add-in card connectors (SMBus routed to PCI Conventional bus add-in card connector)
  • One primary PCI express 2.0 x16 (electrical x16) bus add-in card connector
  • One secondary PCI Express 2.0 x16 (electrical x16) bus add-in card connector
  • One PCI Express* 1.0a x16 (electrical x4) bus add-in card connector.
  • Four 240-pin DDR3 SDRAM Dual Inline Memory Module (DIMM) sockets
  • Support for DDR3 1600 MHzς, DDR3 1333 MHzς, DDR3 1066 MHz
  • Support for up to 16 GBς of system memory.
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NVIDIA Launches The World's First Interactive Ray Tracing Engine

NVIDIA introduced the NVIDIA OptiX ray tracing engine, part of a suite of application acceleration engines for software developers.

NVIDIA acceleration engines make it easy to incorporate valuable, high-performance capabilities into applications, while simultaneously reducing development time. NVIDIA application acceleration engines unveiled at Siggraph 2009 include:

NVIDIA OptiX engine for real-time ray tracing
NVIDIA SceniX engine for managing 3D data and scenes
NVIDIA CompleX engine for scaling performance across multiple GPUs
NVIDIA PhysX 64-bit engine for real-time, hyper-realistic physical and environmental effects

As the world?s first interactive ray tracing engine to leverage the GPU, the NVIDIA OptiX engine is a programmable ray tracing pipeline enabling software developers to easily bring new levels of realism to their applications using traditional C programming. By tapping into the massively parallel computing power of NVIDIA Quadro processors, the OptiX engine greatly accelerates the ray tracing used across a spectrum of disciplines, including: photorealistic rendering, automotive styling, acoustical design, optics simulation, volume calculations and radiation research. Application developers are utilizing the OptiX engine to redefine what?s possible for designers, engineers and researchers.
The NVIDIA PhysX 64-bit physics engine brings hyper-realistic, real-time physics to professional applications. Already a proven and popular solution within the computer games industry, the 64-bit version of PhysX will permit more accurate calculations on far larger data sets for engineers, designers and animators wanting to interrogate their data, model physical properties and breathe life into their work.

SceniX acceleration engine has been a critical part of our success in the automotive styling industry,? said Christian Matzen, COO, ICIDO, a global leader in virtual engineering solutions. ?Based on the ease of integrating OptiX within SceniX, and its stunning visual results, we plan on delivering interactive ray tracing to our design customers later this year.?

NVIDIA will be showcasing the new suite of application acceleration engines this week at the SIGGRAPH 2009 conference and exhibition in New Orleans; booth #2101. For more information on NVIDIA at SIGGRAPH, visit: http://www.nvidia.com/engines.

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Rambus' XDR™2 DRAM is a high-performance, power-efficient memory, optimized for high-bandwidth applications such as gaming, graphics and multi-core computing. Initial devices are capable of 9.6Gbps data rates providing up to 38.4GB/s of bandwidth from a single 4-byte-wide device. The roadmap for XDR2 extends to 12.8Gbps data rates providing 51.2GB/s of bandwidth per device.

The XDR2 DRAM uses a traditional 8-bank CMOS DRAM core, with standard and micro-threaded operating modes. XDR DRAM support device densities from 512Mbit to 4Gbit with initial devices targeting 1 Gbit density. In addition to using Rambus micro-threading, XDR2 DRAM also incorporates other Rambus innovations such as Flexlink™C/A: the industry's first full-speed, scalable point-to-point command/address channel. Flexlink C/A, combined with programmable DRAM width and Enhanced Dynamic Point-to-Point (DPP), allows for highly scalable memory system capacity and access granularity, making XDR2 the ideal solution for a wide range of applications.Micro-threading is a new operating mode available in XDR2 DRAM which effectively doubles the number of individually addressable, simultaneously accessible banks. A standard 8-bank core can thus perform effectively as a 16-bank memory device, reducing column access granularity and increasing usable bandwidth to the controller.

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