Nokia C2 Dual sim phone Announced

The Nokia C2 is the second Dual-SIM handset from Nokia today, after the Nokia C1-00. The Nokia C2 can use both the SIM cards simultaneously. That means you can receive and make calls, messages etc on both the numbers without switching from one to the other.

Another unique feature on the C2 is that the 2nd SIM Card slot is hot-swappable, a feature available only to this phone. The first SIM card slot is located beneath the battery while the hot-swappable SIM card can be changed even while the phone is turned on.You can also hold the line on one SIM card while you talk with a person on the other card.

The features and specification of the Nokia C2 include:
* Colour Screen
* Series 40Series 40 User Interface
* Nokia OVINokia OVI Life Tools and Nokia OVI Mail
* FM Radio and Music PlayerMusic Player
* micro-SDmicro-SD cards upto 32GB
* 1000 Phonebook Entries
* Standby Time of 16.5 days
* VGA Camera
* Bluetooth
* Available in colors of Grey, Black, MagnetaMagneta, Dark Blue and White.

Price:- Around Rs 2500/-($55)

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