Dell Latitude 13

Dell today announced the upcoming release of two noubukov business-class notebook Dell Latitude 13 and the updated Dell Precision M6500. New Dell Latitude 13 is positioned as the world's thinnest notebook with a 13-inch screen, designed for corporate customers. This sleek new Latitude notebook is equipped with a reliable means of remote control, security and virtualization. According to Dell, notebook Precision M6500 is the world's most powerful mobile workstation, and now it comes with new dual-core Intel Core i7 and i5.

* Systems management technology to support Broadcom TruManage and service Dell ImageDirect, which allows IT services around the clock to create, update and deploy images of systems.
* Ready to virtualization design allows IT services cost-effectively provide users with all the opportunities in non-standard PC computing environments, such as centers for processing orders over the phone, the regional offices of companies and hotels.
* Customizable security features, including solid-state drives (SSD), full disk encryption (FDE), the possibility of Trusted Platform Module and Software Computrace.
* Fixed link through the optional mobile broadband connection to WWAN, Bluetooth interface or a wireless LAN 802.11g / n.
* Optional external Blu-ray drive and the ability to upload photos using card reader "5-in-1".

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