Hitachi Maxell Released New 500GB iVDR Portable Hard Disk

Hitachi Maxell released the iV 500GB in Japan, a new portable hard disk drive (iVDR) capable of recording up to 400 hours of high-definition video.

iVDR, or Information Versatile Disk for Removable usage, is a portable HDD cartridge standard. The standard is managed by the iVDR Hard Disk Drive Consortium, which consists largely of Japanese corporations. It provides the benefits of HDD technology, while going against the trend of smaller storage formats. Transfer speeds are up to 1.5 Gbit/s over SATA.The iDVR media can be used either as a rewritable medium for recording TV programs or as a library for storing content.

Hitachi's latest "iV" 500GB capacity model can be used to store high-definition digital broadcasts, which are highly popular in Japan. Consumers in Japan are able to download a high-definition movie onto an HDD built into an "acTVila"-compatible TV, which is equipped with an iVDR slot. Using the "acTVila Video Download Sell" service they can transfer the program to an iVDR at high speed.

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