Dell S2409W : Review And Features

Dell's 24in models have always been popular in the PC Pro office, and while the S2409W may not be one of the manufacturer's all-singing, all-dancing models, Dell S2409W does offer a high-quality panel at a reasonable price. So you won't find expensive extras such as USB ports or fully adjustable stands the S2409W's stand only tilts and Dell hasn't even seen fit to include a set of basic integrated speakers. All this helps to keep the price low, but unlike many other sub-£200 monitors it doesn't sacrifice image quality in the process.

High-definition video clips looked sharp and detailed on the lOSOp panel, and the 5ms
response time - slightly down on the 2ms of most here - didn't manifest itself in any noticeable blurring in fast scenes. Plus, if you do need audio during a gaming session, there's a headphone output that will work if you're connected via the HDMI port. Other than that you get the usual DVI and VGA connectors, and a three-year on-site warranty with next business day response times. If Dell had managed to squeeze all this into a price just a little lower, the 52409W might walk away with an award this month. As Dell S2409W is, it's crowded out by the £177 LG, with its fullyadjustable stand and integrated speakers. We'd go for that every time, but the Dell is a close runner-up.

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