Acer H243H : Features,Price And Review

At first glance you'd be forgiven for thinking Acer has been admiring Samsung's consumer
recently, for the sleek black H243H is glossy, curvy and features a nice set of glowing touch-sensitive controls beneath the screen. But get a little closer and the comparison doesn't really hold up. The problem is the difference in build quality: this Acer H243H simply isn't in Samsung's league, with a cheap, plasticky feel to the chassis, and a frustrating lack of responsiveness to those buttons. It makes setup a little awkward, particularly as the "left" and "right" buttons actually correspond to up and down movements in the laggy menu.

Poor design aside, though, the Acer H243H performed pretty well in our image quality
tests. It didn't wow us with either its deep blacks or bright whites, but both were perfectly acceptable - the former showed only a thin sliver of backlight bleed, and the panel was evenly lit. Our gradient ramps showed a smooth and even progression from black to white, and a slightly orangey red was the only notable problem with its otherwise decent colour reproduction.

Like most here, it has a 16:91,920 x 1,080 panel, and while the H243H comes with only a
basic fixed stand, you'll find HDMI, DVI and VGA ports on the back, as well as a reasonable set of IW speakers. But everything the Acer does, others do better: the LG, for example, has a similar core specificarion but better design and build, a lifting, pivoring stand and superior image quality for considerably less. With this in mind, the Acer looks merely average.


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