LINKSYS by Cisco Conductor:Wireless Music, Maestro!

THE $700 LINKSYS by Cisco Conductor (DMC350) is the flagship product in Cisco's suite of networked audio devices. All components of the Linksys by Cisco wireless digital audio suite let you choose your audio sources and where to play the tiles,through an infrared remote provided with each device,or on an optional ($350) Wi-Fi touchscreen remote device called the Controller.

Alternatively, you can tap the Conductor's 7-inch touchscreen display to select music.But Linksys's system is no Sonos killer—in large part because it is subject to Wi-Fi interference.The Conductor has its own amp and speakers, so you can put it anywhere in your home within wireless range of your network (or on a hard-wired ethernet connection). The unit is a little over 3 foot tall, a bit under a foot wide, and about 8 inches deep, and it weighs about 8.5 pounds. Its 800-by-600-pixel touchscreen is easy to read. The speakers produce pleasing sound for casual listening, and an optional SSO dock lets you play iPod music through the device. At times the Conductor played Rhapsody, Internet radio, and local content well, but it suffered inter mittently from balky performance, unresponsive software, and remote control (line-of-sight) limitations.


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