Asus unveils the stick-thin UX30

Asus is the latest company to release a host of CULV (Consumer Ultra Low Voltage) laptops, with the slimline UX30 sitting at the top of its ultraportable range. Unlike the Advent Altro (reviewed on page 6g) - a budget CULV machine - the Asus UX30 uses a range-topping Core 2 Duo SUg4oo chip that promises a mix of power efficiency and dual-core processing. Asus UX30 also allowsthis machine to be incredibly portable-measuring just 24mm at its thickest point and weighing just 1.5kg, The downside is the price which, at £999 (inc, VAT], is likely to be far out of the range of many consumers. It's easy to see where the money has been spent, however, as build quality is fantastic. The brushed-aluminium lid offers a premium finish and the slim chassis is robust.

The keyboard offers excellent usability.Although Asus UX30 doesn't stretch right to the edges of the chassis, the keys are well spaced, with each key protruding through individual holes in the chassis. As such, it's easy to comfortably type at speed The 13.3-inch screen is crisp and offers
great image quality, although the shiny finish proves highly reflective. Features include 802.11n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, with Gigabit Ethernet, three USB ports, mini VGA and HDMi all in place,
A highly desirable laptop, the UX30's price tag may put off many consumers, but for those in the market for a quality, highly portable machine, it's well worth a look.

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