YANTHRA:MACE Mechanical Dept.Tech Fest

The mechanical department of MACE brings 'YANTHRA' a technical festival cum social event where concepts unite, ideas synchronize and theories are explored.A place where wit, spontaneity and troubleshooting capabilities of the best would be put under the scanner. The work of 500 hearts and minds, the technical extravaganza of the year-YANTHRA.


GAMING prize money Rs 8,000/-

lf time hit among gamers, NFS most wanted and Counterstrike is again going to offer a tough platform at YANTHRA. Can't blame the guys. Its a superhit…………

LATHE MASTER prize money Rs 10,000/-

The most attracting event of YANTHRA and only one of its kind. Never been done in any technical event before, here ‘skill’ is the master. A given design will have to be carved from a work piece..The best finished job wins. With the well equipped and sophisticated machines lab of MACE, this event is going to stretch your practical technical knowledge to the extremes…..

Event details:
Stage 1 = Prelims will be held to shortlist contestants for stage 2.It will be based on topics like lathe, its working, tools, manufacturing materials etc.
Stage 2 --Shortlisted contestants will be allowed to work on a lathe where they are asked to make the prescribed pattern.

MACHINE ASSEMBLY prize money 6,000/-

Are you a true MECH???..Prove it!!One who assembles the given machine parts in the minimum time is the winner…
Participants are required to assemble the given machine part- CD-DAWN gear box, clutch.

KARTING prize money Rs 5,000/-

Surprised???Speed freaks, its your turn have a say..Race with a kart, designed and constructed by MACE MECHANICALS, on a given track and one who finishes it in the minimum time will walk away with a grand prize money.

JUNKYARD WARS prize money Rs 10,000/-

Remolding and reprocessing of junks is passing fashion.. Think different. Junkyard wars is an event where junks are combined and given life to complete a task. Precision, design, and creativity-use them to hit the bull’s eye..Definitely its no ‘child’s play’…..
Participants are required to make a CROSS BOW from the given wooden and metal scrap.

PRACTICAL ENGINEER prize money Rs 5,000/-

We strive to have a fine balance between the world of science and real world where we live on.
Event is all about assimilating theories and exploiting the engineering skills in structuring the ideas into a well defined model. This not only tests your knowledge on theories but also challenges your ability to metamorphise those into practical ones.
C,mon budding engineers!!

TREASURE HUNT prize money Rs 5,000/-

Since the early civilization, treasure hunts have always fascinated the human race.
We have grown up listening to the legendary tales of "The Arabian Nights","Sindbad","Pirates".
So chuck all the story-stuff and use your basic knowledge to experience the real thrill and
excitement of Treasure Hunting.

Event details:
Stage 1 = Prelims will be held to shortlist teams for stage 2.
Stage 2 --Shortlisted teams have to hunt for the Treasure by cracking the codes provided

QUIZ prize money 5,000/-

Rules for Quiz:

.Two participants per team
.Quiz will comprise of written prelims and followed by Finals .
.Quiz masters decision will be final and binding.


Handled by an eminent personality of the one and only space science institute in the country-Mr R. Krishnan, Dean IIST. The sessions would be the perfect fill of never heard before ideas and developments.

AUTO EXPO prize money Rs 15,000/-

. The vehicles are to be exhibited for two days of the fest
.Marking Criteria:
.50% judge’s marks and 50% public voting
.Weightage of marks will be 70%-30% for external modification and internal
. Participants are requested to contact the event head 2 days prior the fest.


Conducted by various high level organisations,it aims at providing social awareness..They comprise of exhibition by the INDIAN RAILWAYS,FIRE FORCE,MIL to name a few…In addition, the best labs of kerala will be opened for the general public..Be ready to get AWESTRUCK…


16th oct 2009

Gaming (Most Wanted)
Lathe master
Practical Engineer

17th oct 2009

Gaming (Counter Strike)
Bike Stunt
Machine Assembly
Junkyard Wars
Treasure Hunt

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