Samsung Reclaim (Sprint):Samsung's Green Phone

Samsung hopes to stem the tide of cell phones in landfills with the Reclaim, a tidy, eco-friendly slider.It's also budget-friendly at just $49.99.

The Reclaim measures just 3.9 by 2.3 by 0.6 (HWD) inches and weighs 3.5 ounces.It's comfortable to hold, thanks to the rounded edges and textured plastic shell that doesn't show fingerprints. The 2.6-inch LCD is bright and sharp, and the buttons,keyboard, and controls are easy to use. Like most Sprint phones, the Reclaim is a dual-band EV-DO (850/1,900 MHz) CDMA device that supports 3G data speeds but not Wi-Fi. But you do get a side-mounted microSD slot for storing photos and music.

On test the Reclaim's reception was middling, and it struggled to hang onto EV-DO mode. However, voice quality was clear and crisp. Battery life was short at just 3 hours 31 minutes of talk time. Also, the Access Web browser was unusually slow to bring up WAP, and HTML pages felt gummy,which seemed more the result of a slow CPU than the browser. In addition, the 2MP camera was disappointing.

Most people buying this phone, however,are going to focus on its green credentials.The handset is made from textured bioplastics, comes in recyclable packaging, and the charger is Energy Star approved. With the Reclaim, Samsung proves that though going green is good, it requires some sacrifices.

Samsung Reclaim (Sprint)
$49 direct with 2-year contract
• ••
PROS :Made from mostly recycled materials.Well-crafted slider mechanism and QWERTY keyboard. Solid music performance. Standard size headphone jack.
CONS :Short battery life. Sluggish Web browsing and video streaming. Not the greatest reception.

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