Olympus Stylus SP-565UZ review

The Olympus Stylus SP-565UZ has clawed its way up in the Ultra Zoom pack with a great imaging performance, solid handling and oodles of manual controls and image features. For the advanced budget shooter or the novice looking to learn, the Stylus SP-565UZ is an excellent choice. And that's not because the Stylus SP-565UZ is capable of a 20x optical zoom range and has a zillion Scene modes. This camera is built like a tank, handles like a mini DSLR and is equipped with a welcoming interface that helps you actually learn how to use the camera. From Auto all the way up to full-on Manual mode, Olympus has included many shooting modes that fluctuate the level of manual intensity to suit the needs of the shooter. The Stylus SP-565UZ's image quality is not too shabby either. In fact, it's one of the best performances we've seen from a camera with such a small sensor. So, if you're looking for a zoom machine with tons of features and great image quality, the Olympus Stylus SP-565UZ could be your next weapon of choice.

Release: October 2008.
Price: $400.

Pros: Surprisingly good image quality. Tons of features and great interface. Huge 20x optical Zoom.

Design – Very Good
Interface - Good
Features – Very Good
Hardware - Good
Image Quality - Good

Cons: 4-way directional pad could be replaced with a wheel or dial. Slight image artifacts, typical of a small imager. Small LCD screen.

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