LG Chocolate 4:A stunningly super-wide tablet phone

The LG Chocolate 4, also described as the LG BL40, could be a departure from the previous models with an ultra-wide touch screen dominating the front of the device. If rumored specs are true, this might be a 4-inch screen with an obscenely wide 21:9 aspect ratio. Although this ratio might seem a bit too wide, in fact the video shows how LG could use the extra space on either side of the screen to add soft keys and visual feedback, and still have plenty of room in the middle. The design in the supposedly leaked video is also in line with the official leaked shots of the upcoming LG Chocolate 4.

specs from the supposedly leaked video detail an already impressive looking device. The phone will use fast, 7.2Mbps HSDPA networking. All previous LG Chocolate models released in the U.S. have been available on Verizon Wireless' CDMA networks, but LG has proven adept at porting their designs between the two competing network technologies, so we wouldn't be surprised to see an EV-DO Rev. A version of this device show up on The Network.

The LG Chocolate 4 will also get a 5-megapixel camera, and some of the most impressive footage in the allegedly official promo video shows the camera interface in action. The video shows filters being applied to the camera on the fly in a very touch friendly format. Like other high-end LG models, the phone also appears to use Schneider Kreuznach branded lenses and imaging equipment.

The screen itself appears to be an extra-wide WVGA display, with a possible 800 by 345 pixel resolution. The LG video details a tempered glass finish, and claims that this will make the glass display nearly scratch proof. In addition, the LG Chocolate 4 will get aGPS for location-based services, and it will use multi-touch for pinch zooming on applications like the mapping software shown in the promo video. Pricing and specific availability have yet to be announced.

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