sonim xp3 Enduro - "world's toughest phone"

From the name and the look itself u can pretty much guess the main objective that the producers aimed by making this big cumbersome rugged mobile..... atleast you can sure bet its not the style factor. OK, that point was only meant for our pretty lady readers, because it sure has a male appeal to it, especially the land rover version. This phone is meant for those adrenaline junkies who likes do some pretty high testosterone driven stunts that could end up having your ordinary phones reduced a series of circuitry. Along with the indestructibility comes a pretty high mass index. well, after all it does make up a great paperwight if nothing else. if u still have doubts about its toughness check out the video

apart from the physical toughness, it also has pretty long battery life, nice audio output and a 2 mp camera.

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