Mozilla Songbird music player

the company that gaves the internet utilities like firefox and thunderbird are now focusing on a music player of sorts - Songbird. (what's with mozilla and birds and animals?) Anyway, the mumerous people who use firefox out there and is reading this with firefox browser will surely understand when i say how filled with extensions and themes it is. Firefox happens to have an extension for everything single thing on earth and themes based on every single thing on earth. so it would be normal if you expect the same from Songbird and deliver it does. The Songbird player also happens to have tons of extensions and cool looking themes (the default, by the way, is not so cool). now even though Mozilla puts up a great competition in eb browser field, the same expertise is not seen with this application. Its kinda lacks something somewhere, and one of the things it lacks is the way it makes the pc drag with certain extension or themes since they tend to take up half of the CPU usage. Anyway, the player as if now is not recommended, unless of course, u r a hardcore mozilla follower and is willing to use it till another better version comes out, which wud be better out soon

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