Hyundai genesis coupe 2.0t track

WITH REGARD to the all-new Hyundai Genesis Coupe, the 3.8Track has thus far received the lion's share of attention. Zero to 60 in 5.5 seconds, quarter mile in 14.0 at 101.0 mph, 60 to 0 braking in 111 feet, and lateral acceleration of 0.91 g can do that. Of course, all the greatness that is the 306-horse 3.8Track comes at a price—$30,250, to be specific. But what if most that greatness came for about three grand less? Well, say hello to the 2.0TTrack.

As its badge suggests, the 2.0T Track receives a 2.0-liter, 210-horsepower, 223-pound-foot turbocharged four mated to a six-speed manual (base and premium 2.0Ts can be had with a five-speed automatic). Further, unlike most turbo engines, the Hyundai's runs on 87-octane and posts frugal fuel economy of 21/30 city/highway mpg. At the test track, the 2.0T consumed 60 in 6.8 seconds and the quarter in 15.2 at 90.3 mph. But, as with the 3.8 Track, whose ECU cull power at redline in apparent engine-preservation mode, the 2.0T suffered from some oddities of its own—namely, hanging revs— that seem to exist on purpose.

While the 2.0T's times are nothing to be particularly ashamed of, they're also nothing to write home about—all eight sport-compacts in our"5>mall, Fast, Fun" test (May) put up better times. Nonetheless, the 2.0TTrack is a highly capable sports car, posting 0.91 g on the skidpad and erasing 60 in only 113 feet. Even though its numbers aren't superior to those of the 3.8, the 2.0T feels a smidge more responsive and a bit more fun to hustle than the V-6, thanks in part to a 91-pound-lighter curb weight.

At 527,500, th e 2.0T Track costs $4750 more than a base 2.0T, but that premium incorporates the limited-slip, Brembos, and 19s, not to mention Infinity audio, sunroof, rear spoiler, and Xenons. Sure, the hanging revs and somewhat sluggish accel times are concerns, but what Hyundai can't fix, thetuners most likely can. A little light on promise but heavy on potential, the 2.0TTrack can only get better, ron kiino


EASE PRICE :$27,500
VEHICLE LAYOUT :Front-engine. RWD, 4-pass, 2-doorcoupe
ENGINE :2.0L/210-hp/ 225-lb-ft turbo DOHC 16-V3lve 1-4
TRANSMISSIONS :6-speed manual
CURB WEIGHT (DIST F/R'): 3387 lb (54/46%)
WHEELBASE :111.0 in
LENGTH X WIDTH x HEIGHT:182.5 X 73.4 x 54.5 in
0-60 MPH :6.8 sec
QUARTER MILE :15.2 sec f 90.5 mph
BRAKING, 60-0 MPH:113 It
HT FIGURE EIGHT :26.8 sec @ 0.64 g (avg)
LATERAL ACCEL :0.91 g (avg)
CO2 EMISSIONS :0.80 lb/mile

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