Canon PowerShot SD970

The 12.1-megapixel SD970 IS comes with a top-of-the-line price tag, but this compact cam¬era packs all the features you could ever want. Canon's flag¬ship point-and-shooter pairs amazing stil images with high-quality HD video capture, and throws in a lot more, including a big, beautiful LCD and an attractive, intuitive interface that blows away the competition. If you can afford it, the SD970 is the most well-rounded compact camera you can buy right now.

At 2.2 by 3.7 by 1.0 inches (HWD), the 6.6-ounce SD970 is a bit thick for a point-and-shoot, but it's certainly small enough to fit in your pocket. It has a durable metal casing, and frequently used buttons are large anc easy to press. A scroll wheel on the back lets you zip through menus easily. The externa lens offers a 5X optical zoom with a foca range of 6.6 mm to 33.0 mm, with a maxi¬mum f-stop range off/3.2 to f/5.8.And don't forget the sharp, brilliant 3-inch LCD.Though this camera is pricey, the expan¬sive feature set and top-notch performance justify the high price.
Canon PowerShot SD970
PROS: Fantastic image quality. Fast operating speeds. Sharp 3-inch LCD. Extraordinary user interface. High-definition (720p30) video capture.
Canon PowerShot SD970 IS
CONS: Optical zoom can't be used while shooting video. Wide-angle barrel distortion.
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