Samsung Galaxy Skin | Super Slim and Flexible Amolded Phone

Samsung Galaxy Skin Feature

Android Flexy Super Application
with the flexible AMOLDED display,electo activity polymer that cause the transformation and physical action by sending electronic signal is the key technology of 'GALAXY SKIN'

Interface for condition and sensivity
Galaxy skin that is moving like a part of your body skin acoording to human's condition and sensitivity.whenever you click the application you want to use, Galaxy skin become that itself,not just mobile phone. Galaxy skin not only transform to that shape, but also adjust the user interface.

'Design'with 'Undesign'
The upper part and bottom of the body is designed and made of hard material, but other part- center part is 'undesigned'and made of flexible material, so the 'design'of this part is upto the user.It means users can design their own phone as they want. 'GALAXY SKIN' minimize the size of other electronic parts for minimal design and all data can be exchanged from WIFI 4G.

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