Samsung Lindy M5650 : Features, Price And Specification

Samsung has launched a new touchscreen phone in Europe without much fanfare. In fact, there has not been even the customary press release regarding the announcement of the Samsung Lindy M5650.

The Samsung Lindy M5650, by the looks of it, is a scaled up version of Samsung's existing Corby with both sharing similar visual cues. In fact, we wouldn't be surprised if you won't mistake it for the Corby at first glance. The Samsung Lindy M5650 boasts of an upgraded camera, HSDPA support and comes with Wi-Fi as well. The camera is now a 3 megapixel unit instead of the Corby's 2 megapixel one. A dedicated music key also finds its way in. There is no change in the screen size, which remains at 2.8-inches. A major disappointment on this one is the lack of a 3.5mm jack.

Other features too, like Bluetooth, stereo FM radio with RDS, 50MB of internal memory, and MicroSD card support remain unchanged. The Samsung Lindy M5650 is now on sale in Spain and Portugal for $235 (Rs. 11,000 approx.). Incidentally, Samsung is also working on a slightly upgraded version of the Corby with Wi-Fi as reported.

PRICE:-Rs. 11,000 approx.

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