Kingston DataTraveler 300 : World's most capacious USB flash drive

The Kingston DataTraveler 300 is the world's most capacious USB flash drive at 256GB. The plastic case Feels too easy to crack, though, and there's no cover for the USB connector. Still, performance isn't bad. Kingston DataTraveler 300 wrote 3,000 small files, totalling 300MB, in 2 mins 6secs, and read them back in 18.7 seconds. 3GB test file was written in 6 mins 16 secs, and read back in 1 min 54secs, for a sequential read speed of 26.9MB/sec, which isn't far behind an external USB hard disk. But the sequential write speed of 8.2MB/sec is miles behind the 28.7MB/sec of recent USB hard disks, and Kingston DataTraveler 300 would take 4hrs 30 mins to fill the drive. We can see the appeal, but the price - a preposterous £2.50 per usable gigabyte - makes Kingston DataTraveler 300 little more than a status symbol for the wealthiest of geeks.


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