Asus VW246H : Features, Price And Review

The design is pleasant enough, with the usual Asus silver strip along the bottom of the frame and the control buttons clearly labelled at the bottom-right. The menu is a little small, but there are plenty of options.Even then, we saw notable backlight bleed at the top and bottom of our black test screen, although it must be said the black level on the whole was actually pretty deep. Our white test screen was fairly bright and mostly even, with just a small dark area towards the top edge, and gradients were smooth. Colours were a little off, though, with a cold tone to the panel that we couldn't eliminate to a satisfying degree, and this puts its image score behind similarly priced 1080p rivals such as the Dell and LG.

Unfortunately, it doesn't have any major design features to claw back that deficit, with a fixed-height stand and no luxuries such as USB ports. True, the 2W speakers are loud enough to use for personal entertainment, and there's an HDMI port to go with DVI and VGA, but that's hardly unusual this month. All in alL the VW246H is undoubtedly an attractive monitor and it does come at a reasonable price, but other TFTs in the group offer everything it does and more.

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