windows 8

Do Microsoft ever stop? With the coming of Linux OS Microsoft has always been under watch. They have suffered and every one thought its going to be the end of windows. XP came out to be a big hit but the latter version the VISTA did not work well with the crowd. This made the others rise. With Linux Mandriva we thought windows is going to die.
But here it strikes again with full force with its Windows 7. But do they stop?
They are set to move on fast and will soon be launching its latest project 'windows 8'.

Windows 8 going to bring 128-bit architecture compatibility (IA-128).

Like the fact that we always thought Windows 7 is going to be the last OS available in two version. Now it seems like Windows 8 is going to be available both as a 64-bit and as a 128-bit built if Microsoft gets it to work.

Even though we know it’s hard not to get excited, keep in mind that this should be taken with a pint of salt as nothing has been confirmed by MSFT.

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