MOTOROLA H790 Bluetooth headset:Review,Features

MOTOROLA'S H790 Bluetooth headset is lightweight,comfy, and unobtrusive. The S80 device's chintzy-looking fixed-shape plastic loop isn't flexible for curving around the ear, but MOTOROLA'S H790 grippes small ear just fine.The earbud felts snug inside ear canal; folks with larger ears can try the various replacement earbuds to obtain a better fit. The H790 barely touched my cheek, yet it stays securely attached when moving around .

The H790's sliding power switch shows orange when the unit is switched off andblack when it's powered up.You get a voice announcement of the battery's status when you cum the unit on.Call quality on the H790 is very good—in some cases, better than handset quality. conversations
sounds loud and clear to call recepiencs, and the H790 blocks considerable background noise, such as chaccer, music, and traffic roar. When the ambient noise level peaked, callers could heat indistinct sounds in the background, especially when stops talking.

The H790's power switch is on one side, and its volume buttons ate on the other; getting a feel for the controls took some fumbling around. The main call button—for activating voice commands and for accepting and ending calls—perches at the top of the headset and is easy to maneuver.An $80 headset with solid call quality and background noise elimination, and a comfortable fit, is a good deal.


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