Microsoft Zune HD : Features, Price And Review

After years of trying, has Microsoft finally beat Apple at its own game? Well, not quite. But the fantastic Zune HD certainly gives the iPod touch some worthy competition. The lack of a robust App Store is the only drawback for the Zune HD, which otherwise flauntsa beautiful touch-screen, an excellent user interface, HD radio, and the best browserwe've seen since the Apple's mobile Safari. While the touch is a better touch-screenplayer, the Zune HD is a close second.

A very good-looking gadget, the 16GB Zune HD is Onyx Black and the 32GB version is Platinum Silver. This Zune HD has a smaller, lighter frame than the iPod touch, measuring 4.0 by 2.1 by 0.4 inches (HWD) and weighing just 2,6 ounces. However, the Zune's 3.3-inch OLED screen is noticeably smaller than the touch's 3.5-inch LCD, but video still looks great on it. The touch and Zune HD seem nearly identical in touch screen sensitivity. Microsoft's software updates, however, are still clunkier than Apple's. But once you'reup and running, the software and interface are impressive. Also, the Zune HD supportsonly MP3, WMA, and unprotected AAC files. The best new music feature on the Zune HD is the ability to purchase music wirelessly, thanks to integrated 802.11g. The Zune Marketplace makes it easy to browse for music on the player or your PC, but the Apps section currently has a very limited selection.

Overall, Microsoft has shown Apple that it, too, can make an attractive, easy-to-useplayer. If Microsoft is able to give birth to an App Store that can rival Apple's, then the race could get interesting.

Microsoft Zune HD
16GB - $219.99
32GB - $289.99

PROS : Gorgeous multi-touch OLED screen. Intuitive user interface with sharp, good looking graphics. Strong Web browser. Wireless music purchasing, downloading, and syncing. HD radio.

CONS : Limited HD video support. Very slim pickings in the App section of the Zune Market place.
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Microsoft Zune HD
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  1. Zune Pass changes the way you consume music
    HD Radio w/tagging helps you find new music on the go
    16:9 OLED screen = video w/out letterbox.