Bridgestone Flexible E-paper Device

Bridgestone Corp sucessfully made an electronic paper (e-paper) device based on "Quick-response Liquid Powder".
The device comes with 13.1-inch touch-sensitive e-paper that can display 4,096 colors. "This e-paper will differ from other companies' e-paper"says the company stressing on one of its features that it can refresh a 13.1-inch (A4) screen in 0.8 seconds. It has data processing and security functions and is capable of data communication through mobile phone.
Bridgestone also developed an e-paper device whose e-paper, touch panel, drive circuit board and other parts are all flexible. The company claims it is the world's first flexible e-paper device. The size of the e-paper is 10.7 inches, and the thickness of the device is 5.8mm.

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