Adobe Photoshop Elements 8:Review And Features

Photoshop Elements 8, the super powerful consumer version of its industry-leading Photoshop. With the exception of adding a few new features, Adobe decided not to mess with success. Therefore the interface is largely unchanged. So unless users of Elements 7 really want the new features discussed below, there's not much reason to upgrade.But for those without a photo editor, Elements is the best.

The most exciting new addition is the Recompose Photo tool. This feature lets you resize images with respect to their contents, reducing unused or underused space but keeping the most important parts.It takes some practice to master this feature. The other editing changes are mostly low-key embellishments on functions that already exist. For example, Photomerge now also comprises exposure functionality, letting you blend a series of over- and underexposed photos into one that looks perfectly lit.And Quick Fix previews in Quick Edit mode now let you preview prospective changes before you commit to them. Tags are even easier to use, and the new Auto-Analyzer can automatically apply Smart Tags to your files. There are also the expanded help sections—some with video tutorials.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 remains the best option for consumer photo editing. It offers more than the competition in a package that's as attractive and unthreatening as this kind of software can be.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 8
PRICE: standard, $99,99 : Plus.$139.99
• •••
PROS : Powerful Photo recomposition feature as amazing as its CS4 counterpart. Tight integration with online services and Premiere Elements 8. Extensive selection of help and tutorials.

CONS : Few major changes from previous version. Some tutorials require paid Plus membership.

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