Sony PlayStation 3 120GB (PS3 SMm):A Slimmed-Down PS3

To the casual observer,there's nothing particularly slim about the new sony playstation PS3's sleek black housing; it's only when you compare it with its nearly three-year-old counterpart that you see how much smaller it is. The bigger news here is the $100 price drop; The original PS3 retailed for $600 when it launched in 2006, and up until late August, the least-expensive PS3 you could buy was $400—with an 80GB hard drive. A more-reasonable $300 now buys you an incredible console that's more compact, has a roomier 120GB hard drive, and is one of the
best Blu-ray players you can find.

In general, the new PlayStation 3 works pretty much the same as the previous-generation console, besides trimming this new model down to 2.5 by 11.4 by 11.4 inches (HWD) and 6.7 pounds. The device still features a 3.2-GHz processor, 550-GHz Nvidia graphics, and the RSX Reality Synthesizer GPU. The changes that are noteworthy are the hard drive bump to 120GB and the completely redesigned power supply unit and cooling mechanism, resulting in increased efficiency. On our power-consumption tests,the new PS3 used 71 watts during Blu-ray playback, while the older model consumed 104 watts. Also, you can stream content to the PS3 from a host of DLNA-compliant devices, such as digital cameras.

The new PS3 is nonetheless the best console for gamers and home entertainment buffs who want a versatile media center with Blu-ray.

Sony PlayStation 3120GB (PS3 Slim)
Price; $299.99 direct
• •••C
PROS :New compact and energy-efficient design. Terrific gaming performance. Integrated high-quality Blu-ray player. Hard drive is easily
accessible for upgrades. Built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth. Support for HDMI CEC and DLNA.

CONS : No memory card slots. No Netflix streaming support. Dedicated Blu-ray remote is not included.

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