T-Mobile myTouch 3G with Google

The myTouch is a touch-only phone, meaning you must enter all of your text on its responsive 3.2-inch, 480-by-320 touch screen. Android features include an address book and calendar (which sync with your Google account), an excellent Web browser that handles full Web pages (but not Flash), and a variety of IM clients. The 270MB of on-board memory and sup¬port for microSD memory cards up to 8GB gives you plenty of room to add apps and files. Internet access zipped along both over Wi-Fi and on T-Mobile's 3G network, where I got around 600 kbps on speed test Web sites. This phone runs on global GSM/EDGE networks and T-Mobile's and foreign 3G networks.Slavering gadget geeks who are long-familiar with the T-Mobile Gl will wonder what the fuss is about with the myTouch. The answer is that this isn't a phone for sla¬vering gadget geeks. It's for T-Mobile cus¬tomers who want something that looks kind of like the iPhone, with an app store that's a ittle like the iPhone's, and the ability to cus¬tomize the back or get it in a pretty color. So for occasional texters and those who want a stylish, iPhone-like T-Mobile phone, the myTouch is a good pickT-Mobile myTouch 3G with GooglePRICE:$199.99PROS: Attractive design, including case and accessories. More than 6,000 apps available. Microsoft Exchange e-mail support.CONS: Not much of an improvement over the Gl, except cosmetically. Requires awkward dongle to attach most headphones. Mediocre camera.Tags:-T-Mobile myTouch 3G with Google,T-Mobile myTouch,T-Mobile myTouch 3G,T-Mobile myTouch 3G features,T-Mobile myTouch 3G images,T-Mobile myTouch 3G pics,T-Mobile myTouch 3G price,T-Mobile myTouch 3G review.

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