Swiftdog - Netscream: Speed up ur internet connections

Netscream is a new tool released by Swiftdog. Swiftdog has been long making pc softwares like their pcheal for example. Now, they are trying to flood the market with this new modem enhancer. Netscream has a free trial version with life time upgrades and all, so u can always try it and make sure it worth the bucks (as their motto goes: see it, try it, buy it)

Netscream promises to give you modem efficency upto 200% with visible results. The interface is also very user friendly. It also boasts of working with any type of modems out there. it assuress us that with this s/w installed you will no longer have sudden disconnections that seems to time perfectly when you are 90% finished with a huge file download, just in time so as make u start the download all over agn.

well, check this software. And one more thing, its not just for internet, local connections are also sped up.

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