Sony X Series Walkman (NWZ-X1051)

The NWZ-X1051 or the Walkman X Series, is available in 16GB and 32GB—the same capaci¬ties (and prices) as the iPod touch. Wi-Fi enabled, with a touch screen and the integra¬tion of popular Web services ike Slacker Internet radio and YouTube, the Walkman has evolved into a robust music and video player. You also get earphones with built-in noise cancellation. My only major complaint: the Web experience is a bit weak, as Sony's browser is no match for Apple's Safari.Measuring 3.8 by 2.1 by 0.4 inches (HWD), the all-black X Series boasts a super-crisp, 3-inch, 432-by-240-pixel OLED touch screen anc a unique sparkly (but notoverly flashy) body. Though it is one of the better touch screens out there, it is not as responsive as the iPod touch's. The user interface looks a bit outdated, but it's very intuitive. File sup¬port is somewhat limited, supporting MP3, WMA, AAC (unprotected) and L-PCM for audio; AVC (H.264/AVC), MPEG4, and WMV for video; and JPEGs for photos. Con¬necting via Wi-Fi is also a bit cumbersome. After entering a password the player asks you for more info about your wireless network than you might know offhandbut the Walkman remembers your info, so it's only a one-time annoyance. Sony rates the battery life for the X Series at 33 hours for audio playback and 9 hours for video, but I got only 24 hours 10 minutes of audio playback.Sony X Series Walkman (NWZ-X1051)Price: $299 (16GB); $399 (32GB)PROS: Touch screen. Wi-Fi-enabled. Built-in Slacker & YouTube support. Comes with 100 free downloads from Sony MusicPass. Noise-canceling earphones.CONS: Lousy built-in browser. Slacker Radio can be slow to load.Tags:-Sony X Series Walkman,NWZ-X1051,Sony NWZ-X1051,Sony X Series Walkman features,Sony X Series Walkman specs.,Sony X Series Walkman review,Sony X Series Walkman pics,Sony X Series Walkman images,Sony X Series Walkman pictures,Sony.

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