Samsung SGH-T659

Samsung is a nice phone, ie., if you ignore the fact that there is nothing new to it. Samsung SGH-T659 is just another phone that wud have done been better released about 3-4 yrs back.

First of all, hen we have the mobile in our hands, we see that its just like any other slider, with flat keyboard and all. Only thing worth mentioning about the design is that the phone is slim.

coming to the features, it has the neccessary features that expect from a mobile in this category, bluetooth, music player, gprs, and 2- mp camera.
The music player is nice but if you go by me, i recommend u use a headphone, 'coz the speaker output has slight tinny effect to it.
The camera by the way is nice. Great picture and video quality but make sure that there enough light, 'coz u dont have flash.

In my opinion, samsung has a lot to catch up in this phone, atleast a renewed design wud have been better.

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  1. I am not impressed by the design of this phone. It is very outdated. Features are quite satisfying. It supports bluetooth, camera, gps etc. Image quality is nice but not great. Music player is very easy to operate. Call quality is really good. For more details refer samsung cell phones