Microsoft Vine- send emergency messages "safe and well"

Microsoft Vine is new sleek looking beta software released for windows xp, vista and 7. What does vine do and what is its use??? well, that would be a damn good question. because i am still scratching my head and blowing my brains out thinking about it.

Now in short, microsoft vine is something like a social networking software eventhough they promptly decline it. Basically it is software that lets you connect to all those you think are worth conecting and send messages "safe and well", to use their own words. Its twitter that you have to download and install and which is released by microsoft. It updates u on your friends in social networking sites like facebook, linkedin etc. it also allows you to send emails to a variety of addresses and sms to mobile through the same interface.

Apart from connecting to friends and family feature. it also has a map like thing that lets you mark out certain places that mean much to you and zune will trace out everything that happens there and around it. Ok, u will not get alerts whenever your friend brushes his/her teeth if u mark his house, but .... well, u know what i mean. This is primary use vine has to a single user who hasn't connected with any one else yet.

Vine scores with the neat looks and sleek design. It also has a worth-mentioning user friendly interface. but when you start using it you relize that this not so great after all. first, if want to connect to your friends you will have brainwash them to download, install and maintain it. second, you will have to boot up ur system everytime you want to send a message. Atleast a "Vine mobile" version is more recommended, which is heard of yet. Either that or make it entirely web- based.

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