The 2010 AUDI A5/S5 CABRIOLET softtop results in a genuine Cabriolet facade, making the AS/ S5 Cabs instantly recognizeable as convertibles, not coupe wannabes when the rain clouds open up. Plus, the softtop boasts Audi's Acoustic Roof technology, which features 0.6-inch-thick sound-deadening foam that creates a serene, coupelike ambiance.
Moreover, the cloth top that opens in 15 seconds and closes in 17 (BMW's power hardtop on the 3 Series needs 22 to open and 23 to close) allowed Audi to reduce weight and optimize cargo capacity, which, at 113 cubic feet with the top down, is 3.9 more than that of the 3 Series.The 50/50-split back seat folds forward, swelling capacity to 26.5 cubic feet. For cold-weather, open-roof motoring, the
Cabs offer a neck-warming, head-level heating system that uses a three-level-adjustable fan to send hot air through a vent on the top side of the seatback. Even niftier, the Audi's softtop can be operated at speeds of up to 31 mph.

Of the four variants coming stateside, the 211-horse 2.0T quattro strikes us as the consummate all-around option, its all-wheel drive remedying the base front-drive 2.0T's compromised traction in the wet and moderate torque steer under aggressive throttle. Further, the quattro's six-speed auto is more rewarding than the front-drive's CVT. Itching for a V-6? There's the 265-horse 3.2 quattro, which feels plenty quick but not as lively as its torquier 2.0-liter counterpart. For the ultimate thrill ride, the S5 Cab is the ragtop of choice, its seven-speed dual-clutch auto and 333-horse supercharged V-6 delivering the mightiest punch, its quattro and torque-vectoring Sports Rear Differential providing the most tantalizing experience.


BASE PRICE :S42.000-S58.000 (est)
VEHICLE LAYOUT :Front-engine, FW0 or AWD, 4-pass, 2-door convertible
ENGINES :2.0l/211-hp/258-lb-1t turbo D0HC I6-valve 1-4; 3.2L/265-hp/243-lb-lt D0HC
24-valve V-6; 3.0L/333-hp/ 325-lb-ft S-charged D0HC 24-valve V-6
TRANSMISSIONS :Cont var auto,6-sp auto,7-sp dual-cl auto
CURB WEIGHT :3650-4150 lb (mfr)
WHEEL8ASE :108.3 in
LENGTH x WIDTHx HEIGHT:182.1 x 73.0x 54.4 in
0-60 MPH :5.2-7.2 set (est)
EPA CITY/HWY FUEL ECON:16-22/25-29 mpg (est)
C02 EMISSIONS(est):0.79-1.02 lb/mile
ON SALE IN U.S.: October 2009

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