XTRIUM 2.0:Tech Fest EC Dept.,MACE

XTRIUM 2.0:Innovation Beyond Expectation
September 10 & 11 of 2009
Dept. Of Electronics And Communication

Mar Athanasius College of Engineering pioneered engineering edu¬cation in central Kerala in 1961. Managed by Mar Athanasius College Association, Aided by the Government of Kerala, the college was first in Asia under Christian Management. It was also the first engineering college to be affiliated to the Mahatma Gandhi University. MACE, as it is popularly known, has grown by leaps and bounds since. It now has six full fledged departments apart from the two auxiliary departments of Mathematics and Humanities & Science.
The association of elec¬tronics & communication engineering is organising the XTRIUM event.

Life is all about challenges, it is how you tackle these challenges that makes you the winner. The countdown has begun for the most sensational technical event of the year 'XTRIUM 2.0', where TALENT meet INTELLIGENCE. Its time to put the best brains to the ultimate test. XTRIUM 2.0 will provide a platform for the young engineers to showcase their skills.


8 Mile:Roboquest
Drive your robots through rough paths and obstacles to complete the final task.

Path Finder:Line Tracer
Enhance your autonomous robots to sense and trace the twisted tracks.

Missing Link:Contraption
Set in motion a whole series of co-ordinated events so that every imaginative step brings you closer to the coveted prize.

Hetrodean:CRO Simulation
You could easily imagine a flipping coin on the CRO screen. Well, realise your imagination with mind-blowing circuits.

Circuitrix 12 Amps:Circuit Debugging
Resurrect the functional circuit from a twisted snake pit of electronic components in a bugged circuit.

Given an IC, it Datasheet and miscellaneous components, decipher them and obtain the requisite output.

Caza Tecnizia:Tech Hunt
Untwine the knots of coded puzzles and twisted clues. Solve the mysteries in a technical world to unlock the final treasure.

Fox Hunt
The FM transmitter foxes are hidden. Bring out the receiver fox-hounds and track 'em down!

Take part in the ultimate brain-storming sessions as questions and answers are fired back and forth in school and college levels.


The black discs and equalisers are all virtual when you mix and edit soundtracks in the Virtual DJ software.

Be there with the adrenaline pumping in your body as you thrust on the accelerator of your fastest NFS MW car and while you dribble the ball around the defenders in FIFA07.

Smart Room
BoldUnlikely surprises and unexpected experiences await you within an electronic world.

Papyrus Muestra:Paper Presentation

Shake the foundation of established theories by presneting your innovative ideas.


Interact with the enlightened minds from different wavelengths of the academic spectra.

Some of the most fascinating exhibits showcasing the latest and richest advancements in technology.

Co-ordinators :Aswin sagar +919495242940
:Gis George +919995815526
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