Creative Gigaworks S750 7.1 Speaker System

The Gigaworks S750 is "the" speaker system today. Being the most powerful 7.1 speaker system that one can lay their hands on, this THX certified beast boasts of 700 Watts RMS of total system power. Yes, it does seem more like a proper full-fledged home theatre system, and don't be surprised if it makes your existing home theatre sound like a wimp. So let's get on with it and experience the Gigaworks S750.

Out of the box
The Gigaworks arrived in a huge heavy box, which looked more like a television or a monitor package rather than a speaker system box. The box houses seven satellites, a huge subwoofer, all the connecting wires, a control pod, a wireless remote, manuals, and the speaker stands. The build quality of the speaker sets is very good; the satellites have a sturdy construction with high quality materials used.

With a massive 700 Watts RMS total system power at its disposal, the individual power rating for each of the satellites is almost as good as that of a complete decent 5.1 system. Each of the seven satellites boast of 70 Watts RMS, while the subwoofer is rated at 210 Watts RMS. Each satellite is rated at 8 ohms at 0.1% THD at 1 KHz and the subwoofer is rated at 8 ohms at 0.2% THD at 70 Hz. The S750 has a frequency response of 25 Hz to 40 KHz and an impressive signal-to-noise-ratio of 99 dB.

Design and components
The satellites are built upon the two-way speaker architecture, with dedicated drivers for the mids and the highs. Each tuned two-way satellite speaker features a 1" Titanium super-tweeter and a high-precision 3.5" midrange driver for clear, detailed response up to 40 KHz. As far the subwoofer goes, the huge dual-flared ported wooden subwoofer features an 8" down-firing long-throw woofer. The wires are not fixed and there are clip-on connections behind the satellites, giving an option to extend the wire length or changing the default set of wires with some high quality ones. All the cables for connecting the speakers to the sound card are color coded. The back of the subwoofer houses all the connections and the power options with the on/off switch. A huge heatsink behind the subwoofer keeps the PSU and the amplifier cool, but it does play a big part in adding the extra weight, making the subwoofer the heaviest of the lot.

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