Chevrolet Cruze:Launch in 2009

Expected in Mid 2009
Estimated price: Rs 13 - 18 lakh

Chevrolet is launching its midsize sedan, the Cruze, across the globe in 2009 replacing the Chevrolet Optra and Daewoo Lacetti, but the Cruze will slot in above the Optra in GM India’s lineup. According to GM, the Cruze "was developed by a global design and engineering team and will be built in multiple locations around the world".

Though the Chevrolet Cruze should be a mostly conventional front-drive small car, we think it may have one or more features designed to maximize mpg. Aside from its smaller new engine and other weight-reducing measures versus Cobalt, the Cruze could conceivably adopt the new low-power lighting, wipers, and audio system being devised for the chevrolet in hybrid compact sedan. This would help GM defray development costs that much sooner, and would also be in line with the Cruze's likely upscale market positioning versus Cobalt. Understand that we can't guarantee any of this right now--but hey, it could happen.
The Chevrolet Cruze is noticeably tight-skinned and a very restrained use of exterior trim adds on to its high-quality appearance. The Cruze has a steeply raked windshield gives this compact sedan a look like a coupe’s.

Specs (Speculated)

Engine location: Front
Positioning: Transverse
Drive: Front wheel drive
Engine:1.6l, 1.8l (petrol); 2.0l (diesel)
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